At A Tailor's Tale, we strongly believe in the following. We urge you to apply for a job here if and only if you believe in the same too!

  • Work is fun, educative and something worth persevering for. We don't believe in 9-5 jobs or serious, boring desk colours. Our office is more a hang-out spot with very less furniture and more room to roll on the floor with laughter.

  • Our team includes young, fashion-crazy 20-30yr olds who don’t repeat clothes. We work together as a team and don’t believe in designations or hierarchy.

  • Sticking to one role is too boring. No matter what you come in as, you will get a chance to experience everything that the company does and then choose which team you would like to be a part of.

  • Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and twitter are our new lifelines and we just can’t do without them. Most of our work happens through them making us social media pros. You better be pretty good too.

  • Each of us has a unique dance step - changing the bulb, flushing the toilet, the head bob, the Joey move. Make sure you have one of your own cause you will be asked to demonstrate during the interview.

  • And lastly, moodiness, glumness and irritability are all very last season! Everyone here is in high spirits all the time, so much so that we can't hear each other unless we yell across the room. So make sure you have a good lung capacity!

So if we haven't scared you off and you would still like to be a part of our team, take a short video of yourself explaining to us why you want to work with 'A Tailor's Tale' - what excites you, what draws you in [apart from our great sense of humor, we know!] and how you see yourself to be a good fit with the company. [This isn't mandatory but if you don't want to be singled out you definitely should make this one!] Also, send your resume along with it to and someone from our team will get in touch with you at the earliest.

We wish you all the very best! No, not for your interview but for surviving on the team!