With a Master's degree in History, Krithika was still looking about what she wanted to do in life. After much thinking and analyzing, she decided to join a fashion school. She worked with an e-commerce startup for more than 2 years which made her realize how much she loved fashion. She ended up opening a design based firm called Rucept where she was heading the design team for another 2 years.

She was also involved in providing design based solutions to some of the very well know apparel brands in India. Thanks to them, she realized that she could design and her stuff was being liked by people! This is how Bhava came into existence.

The concept behind Bhava is to revive the age old traditions and crafts in India and give them a new meaning, a new story. We work in close collaboration with local artisans and craftsmen from all across the country, thereby bringing in the best. A staunch follower of minimalism, Bhava reflects its simplicity and elegance in everything we make.

Bhava (pronounced as bhāva) means internal feeling or emotion towards something. Everything starts with a Bhava. Everything we see evokes a Bhava.

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