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Petite girls rock but at some point, lack of height may pose a conscious fashion disadvantage. The right attire can help you, come forth as taller than you actually are! With some cool, dandy and genius practical fashion tips, make heads turn, height notwithstanding!

Some of the easiest, most reachable solutions to prompt the semblance of a coherent vertical image We think - vertical for a start!

Perpendicular stripes and patterns add an appearance of height. They create long lines, so they make you look, longer! The eyes take in height more than width. This cool trick can also make you appear a tad bit slender!@Simply Kitsch

Consider your Shoe Vamp!A Shoe Vamp?!

Well, it’s that portion of the shoe which covers the top of the foot. Straps and other design details are part of the vamp.

Choose your heels/sandals with a low cut vamp!

Low vamp shoes, cut across the front of the foot near the toes, showing more of the foot. These shoes instantly elongate the legs! Even better, find a pair to match your skin tone, it supports the illusion of long legs. @Marlschuz

Avoid large prints, they have a tendency to overwhelm the wearer’s persona. Stick with solid colors, this trick works in favor of lengthening the look. @truebrowns

Ditch over sized clothing, it makes you look wider and shorter. Straight fits are a option, they lengthen the look. @Baise Gaba

Fashion adjustments go a long way but not without confidence and good posture. Walk tall and straight to convey effortless spunk and stature, after all it’s all about balance!

Hold that beautiful head up high! @atailorstale the pact of looking cool is so beckoning!


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