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Bill Cunningham the American street style photographer for the New York Times, pointed out that street style is a ready catalogue of the average person’s clothing. According to him, the best fashion show is coming to life on the streets everyday. He captured shots of unknowns, it didn’t matter who, so long as they were wearing something that caught his eye because of the way they wore it! He always made street style dressing look like fun, no wonder he was called the pioneer of street style photography.

Street style is a discrete fashion rage, that originates from British fashion culture, often based upon free thinking and not just the contemporary fashion drift. Styles are turned out with a universal outlook to fashion modes, resulting in those that traverse and differ from the established fashion scrutiny. Street style has always existed but it became a phenomenon in the 20th century and is here to stay. From the college student to the ladies and men, everyone would love to perfect the look without seeming overly keen.

Impressive and understated, with an eclectic approach that displays a whopper of confidence, every single creation is an outcome of individual distinct taste! Sprung forth from sources like street shops, designer boutiques, shopping malls that have local and international brands, a lot of uncommon stuff is brought together uniquely!

Experiment, develop and exhibit your own personal incredible style! @Marlschuz, the Boho Printed Canvas Shoes are an adorable pair that will team up effortlessly with your shorts and jeans. Casual and comfortable, they sure are a must have for the wardrobe.

@Indigenous Industries, the Yellow Batik Tank Top is an inventive hand dyed organic cotton knit creation, a foxy one to match with your favorite jacket and jeans or shorts.


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