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A favorite to a few, avoided by some, while so many are intimidated by how to wear it!

A transmuting color, red commands attention and inspires confidence and should only be worn when one is up to it but this magical rich hue is worth a try for every woman. A shade that evokes so many emotions and reactions is one to reckon with on a serious note. Also the color of love, it can be added to the wardrobe in many different ways.

Wear it subtly as an accessory or make it a statement in the attire. It all depends on how comfortable one is. So we carry a red bag or wear a red pair of statement shoes!

  • Combine it with another color
  • Red and white? Yes! Safe and understated!
  • And red and black? Easy on the eye and chic!
  • Red and gold is simply wow! My favorite!
  • Red, blue and white, an all time favorite marine look!
  • Red, fuchsia and grey, an amazing and unique way to color block! Love it!

Gals, have fun experimenting & exploring to suit your varied styles! Audrey Hepburn once said, “There is a shade of red for every woman”.


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