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Personal style is something that’s unique to all of us, an individual signature!

You can get away with wearing whatever you want and whenever you want, when it fits within the limits of your personal aura and tone! Only you can carry off your tag with that perfect flamboyance and élan! A clever wardrobe is planned carefully and resourcefully, while retaining original style.

  • There are a few fashion faux pas everyone should know and avoid! Some of the common one.
  • Shoes that don’t fit - are a big no no and a huge muss up. Buy the right size always, no compromise here.
  • Wrinkled clothes, to work? Nope! Ironed clothes transform your persona from sloppy to polished instantly.
  • Evening wear during the day - another downer but if the need arises, pair it with sneakers to create an unconventional day time look!
  • Accessorize with jewelry in plenty? A definite never! The less you wear the more impact it will make to your appearance.
  • Ill fitting ensemble, the worst on the list - Go for that right fit! Fine tailored clothing, customized to fit, (@atailorstale) precisely the right way to go!

Break free from the most commonly committed fashion faux pas and transform yourselves into gorgeous divas and dapper gentlemen! Maximize your wardrobe with a little know how of the fine tuned fashion hacks!


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