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Playing with tints and hues- the operative phrase if you want to look awe- so- me! Get bold - get stunning! Color block with an artful certainty that will take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary, as fashion loves the bold and creative!

Wearing two or more solid blocks of different colors in one outfit, is what color blocking entails. Colors used are considered loud, that often clash but there are some unwritten rules fashion icons and designers go by, that are hinged on the traditional color theory. Not wearing too many hues together and using a neutral, to balance an outfit are a couple of these rules to ensure that an outfit is aesthetically pleasing and clinched with clever presumption. Prints and patterns are not included as this would defocus from the blocked visual. Accessorizing is possible, to express an imaginative mood!

Color blocking may have originated, from the famous artwork of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. Commonly associated in fashion, as an avant-garde trend of the 60’s, it is Mondrian’s work that inspired Yves Saint Laurent to create the famous Mondrian dresses in 1965.

Cray Cuts @atailorstale- A must look at!


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